Tuesday, 30 August 2011

My Second Umrah 28.5.2011 -Part 2 Saie

Assallamualaikum w.r.t. & Greetings

1. Feels very happy with myself for completing an exceptionally good tawaf .. :)

2. Me and son wait in the prayer hall in front of Kaaba while my husband perform his Tawaf.

3. While waiting, me & Huzai got severe scolding by a general worker in alien language (Urdu ??) for misbehaving . Feels very low... :(

Pic : My husband and son after completing the tawaf during mid day around 200pm: temperature 47 Celcius.

4. Now, me proceed to perform my Sa'ie while my husband and son wait in the prayer hall. Sa'ie consists of 7 turns between Bukit Safa and Bukit Marwah.

5. Start my Sa'ie at Bukit Safa. Still deeply affected by the scolding .. :(.

6. Do my intentional for Sa'ie and recite a little zikr Subhanallah, Alhamdullilah, Allahuakbar.

7. Performed my Sa'ie with very low spirit, low concentration and very little zikr. Focusing instead on feeling of despair. Feeling of never been able to do anything right. Feeling of always making mistake. This goes on for almost 3 turns.

8. On 3rd -4th turns; read little zikr, and the intense feelings change from despair to doubt. Wondering whether the act of prayers towards the Kaabah is similar to the act of idol worshipping. Questioning why we all have to come to Makkah to perform the Umrah/Hajj. Afterall, Allah is not in Makkah and Allah is not in Kaabah. What is so special about Kaabah that we have to come all the way to Makkah to pray? Might as well pray in my own hometown, Malaysia.. *.*

9. On 5th turns; read little zikr, and the feelings change from doubt about the Kaabah, the Umrah etceteras to wondering whether Allah is actually an allien. And the final straw is the question whether Allah actually exists. When the final question on Allah existence echoed in my brain/heart, I immediately realised I have been fooled by Iblis.

10. Please note that, I have always have strong faith in Allah, and I have declared and vowed my faith during my second tawaf. And, as I mentioned in earlier, my tawaf was exceptionally good, moving, earth shattering, beyond of this world .. experience. All I can say is Alhamdullilah ...

11. On 6th-7th turns; I opened my little guiding book from Tabung Haji Travel & Tours, and start reading the prayer and Doa recomended during Sa'ie. Surprise .. surprise, the prayers are for protection from Iblis. This time around, I really focused on my prayers and doa. And I pray very hard for Allah protection from Iblis.

12. This experience is particularly scary for me. I do not know if I manage to convey it succesfully in this blog. And, I almost did not want to performed my third umrah due to this experience. HOWEVER, i do understand that we must not fear anything else BUT Allah, otherwise we could fall under Syirik which is the only sin Allah will not forgive.

13. Hasbunallahu Wa Ni'mal Wakil - Cukuplah Allah sebagai penolong ku. Amin.

My Conclusions:

1. Iblis is a formidable enemy. As such, we must always seek Allah protections from Iblis.
2. Kaabah is Allah house. It is the first mosque build in this world and was built by Prophet Abraham and his son Prophet Ishmael upon Allah instructions.
3.We went to performed Hajj/Umrah because Allah instructed us to visit his house and performed Umrah and Hajj so that we may regain knowledge.
4.Praying towards Kaabah is not an act of worshipping idols since we never requests anything from the Kaabah itself. It is just the direction for prayers.
5. We are human, and we will always make mistake. As such, we must always seek forgiveness from Allah and perform the solat sunat taubat regularly.
6. All mosque are house of Allah.
7. Iblis does not whisper in your ears, he whispers in your heart/brain.
8. Do not dwell in your problems, I fear Iblis will come and try his very best to deceived you.
9. What happened during Umrah/Hajj is directly related to our daily lives back in our hometown. All the knowledge gain during the Hajj/Umrah should be applied in our daily lives.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Mind Blowing

Assallamualaikum w.r.t and Greetings .. to everyone.

I have encounter this website called The Awakening Project talking about the illuminarti and the freemasons wanting to bring Dajjal al masih out into the world. I start following this website when i was in my previous workplace which happened to be highly stressful. So a relative suggested this website so that i can focus on something more stressful and forget my own stress.. lol. So i follow the website just for fun (and it is fun hehehe).

The illuminarti is the group responsible for world war I, world war II, 9-11 attack..etceteras. All these major catasthropic events is actually a sacrificial ritual design to make Dajjal Al Masih grow strong so that he will lead them to achieve their next agenda that is world domination (The New World Order) and eventually become gods themselves by defeating God Al Mighty.

And i do not take it seriously until I came across:

Quran Surah Baqarah 102 :
Dan mereka mengikuti apa yang dibaca oleh syaitan-syaitan pada masa kerajaan Sulaiman (dan mereka mengatakan bahawa Sulaiman itu mengerjakan sihir), padahal Sulaiman tidak kafir (tidak mengerjakan sihir), hanya syaitan-syaitan itulah yang kafir (mengerjakan sihir). Mereka mengajarkan sihir kepada manusia dan apa yang diturunkan kepada dua orang malaikat di negeri Babil iaitu Harut dan Marut, sedang kedua-duanya tidak mengajarkan (sesuatu) kepada seorang pun sebelum mengatakan :"sesungguhnya kami hanya cubaan (bagimu), sebab itu janganlah kamu kafir". Maka mereka mempelajari dari kedua-dua malaikat itu apa yang dengan sihir itu, mereka dapat menceraikan antara seorang (suami) dengan isterinya. Dan mereka itu (ahli sihir) tidak dapat memberi mudarat dengan sihirnya kepada seorang pun, kecuali dengan izin Allah. Dan mereka mempelajari sesuatu yang memberi mudarat kepadanya dan tidak memberi manfaat. Demi, sesungguhnya mereka telah meyakini bahawa sesiapa yang menukarnya (kitab Allah) dengan sihir itu, tiadalah baginya keuntungan di akhirat, dan amat jahatlah perbuatan mereka menjual dirinya dengan sihir, kalau mereka mengetahui.

You see, i study the illuminarti group origins (as published in the internet) and it trace back to the time during prophet Solomon.

And QS Baqarah 102 talk about satan groups during prophet Solomon. And, i believe the satan groups mention in the Quran is the Illuminarti.

And worst, If you study the illuminarti works over the years (plenty in the internet) ..you will realise that these people are very serious in their mission to bring Dajjal Al Masih out and to start the final battles and destroy the Kaabah ..huhu.

And guess who are the lucky opponents ... :(