Thursday, 20 March 2014

My thoughts on MH 370 incidents.

21.03.2014 ; 1;17am

Assallamualaikum w.r.t and greetings dear,

Its been a long time since my last entry. been busy with facebook ..huhu. My husband said if i don't spend so much time on facebooking, i probably finish  reading one or two good books which will benefits me more .. 

I want to write about the unfortunate incidents fall on my beloved country Malaysia. Our national carrier MH 370 went missing on the 8th March 2014 with 239 people on board. 

We have tried our very best to find the missing aircraft and to console the families concerned but our effort was not appreciated. The foreign media ridicules, slander, insult our government and people attack our government from inside and outside Malaysia (this include Malaysian as well - most likely the opposition party).

I think everyone who helped have worked very hard and very sincerely. I don't expect a thank you but insult, slander , bashing etc is totally uncalled for. 

Being a small country with medium level technology i suppose, we have requested for help from neighboring countries, as well as country which have the technological means to locate the missing aircraft. In total, we manage to get 26 countries to help us. We are very thankful for the support from these governments.

The search and rescue effort take quite some time, and the stress is quite tremendous especially on the families concerned, and also on Malaysian (the patriotic one like me ..he he) as well.

why am i writing this ..forgot already ..haha

i want to say, through this misfortune i can see and appreciate my moslem brothers and sisters. Some are very religious and perform solat hajat to overcome this ordeal. The moslem bomohs also want to help (they are also moslem eventhough they deviate from the true teaching of islam) and perform strange ritual while citing quranic verses ..hehe. Some moslem are very into technology while others keep saying we are being punished for our sins, and we should mend our ways. Some says, this is Allah way of showing that Allah is greater than any technology and we should go back to Allah for help. Me, i believe we should pray to Allah for help and use the best technology available. And i also believe, there are several moslem like me ..hihi. However, all of us want to help.

What i am trying to say in a very convoluted way is i love the moslem and proud of being one, eventhough moslem can be very exasperating at times.

And on why Malaysian try very hard in this MH 370 incidents, i think we want to show the world that we are good moslem and Malaysian are good  ...hehehe. of course this is only my opinion.

p.s.1 we really do pity the passenger of MH 370 and their family though and the help we give are sincere.
p.s2 what i write here is my personal opinion.