Monday, 28 December 2009

Happy New Year

Salam .. tak lama lagi kita akan meninggalkan tahun 2009 dan melangkah ke tahun 2010.

My eldest son pun akan masuk tadika and i am also getting older. Lately, i feel tired, my back feel sakit2 and i do not know why ...After my last entry on work ethics, i became sooo ..lazy. macam ketulahan pula ...kuang3x.

Money wise i think i am ok ...but i am not excited like before you know .. to make more money and more money ... tis is a strange phenomenon indeed. Padahal several of my ancestors went senile counting money ..he3x ..

You know what .. for some reason, the pic i include .. the orange leaves and green background feels very appealing..


Anyway .. Happy New Year everyone..