Tuesday, 12 July 2011

My 2nd Umrah 28.5.2011 -Part 1 tawaf

Assallamualaikum w.r.t. and Greetings dear family and friends..

28.5.2011 -Me, my hubby and son went to Ja'ranah (Miqat place) with our delima group to do the intentional for our second umrah. This time, only me and my husband perform the umrah. We agreed to take turn to perform the tawaf and saie so that we can take care of our son, Huzaifah.

11.00 am - enter Makkah from place of Miqat (Ja'ranah). As usual, after the intentional, my heart start feeling nervous and scared.

1.00 pm - perform the Tawaf by myself. My hubby and son wait in the prayer area. alone, very happy and nervous.

i) read my doa .. many -many doa for myself, my family, my friends as well as the muslimin and muslimat. Too many doa ..i am exhausted by my so many doa but i really hope/wish/pray that Allah will grant all my doa.. :) ... Ameen

ii) during 3rd tawaf -declare my faith to Allah and my believe in prophet Muhammad S.A.W. in front of Baitullah during the tawaf. this makes me cry .. very-very badly. The feelings is beyond words. highly recommended.

iii) read prayers for my parents, this action also make me cry badly. also highly recomended.

iv) read more doa for me, husband, families, friends and fellow muslimin and muslimat for worldly as well as afterlife pleasures and well-being. this action does not make me cry and i really-really-really wish that all my prayers are granted. Ameen.

v) declare my faith and pray for the well being of my parents again. cry very badly ..feelings undescribable... out of this world. highly recommended.

After completing my rounds of Tawaf, i performed solat sunat tawaf in front of Kaabah. i experience something strange here, my feet feels on fire (only my feet, the rest of me feels comfy). I pray to Allah to remove the scorching heat on my feet so that i may perform my solat sunat and my prayers was granted immediately. I have no explanation for this, i guess its because my husband regularly remind me to put on stockings and i regularly forgot. I do not think it is because i did not covered my aurat because i saw so many ladies especially the indians and iranians does not cover their feet and their feet do not seem to be on fire. Wallahu'allam.


(1) Please take note of the followings to ensure your tawaf is valid:

i) Always make sure your left shoulder facing Kaabah
ii) Never hide your face during tawaf - in other words, you have to cry in the open ..heehee.
iii) Always maintain your intentional for tawaf - ie you must not panick if you get lost and
you must not go looking for your families, group etc to avoid changing of intentional.
iv)If your tawaf is invalid -you have to redo the invalid round.

(2) Observations:

i) It is wise to let group of big old ladies with linked arms get past you during the tawaf. I believe these ladies are scared of getting lost from their groups, families, husband etceteras and if you happended to be in the way ..you may be in danger of being pushed and your left shoulder will no longer face Baitullah for long period of time (if your left shoulder does not face Kaabah for long period eventhough unintentional,your round of tawaf will be invalid). Worst you could fall and get injured.

(3) This article is just an account of my spiritual journey from my point of view. This is not an Islamic teaching.