Friday, 24 February 2012

My Journey To Islamabad Pakistan 27-31.1.2012

Assallamualaikum w.r.t and greetings dear friends.

I went to Pakistan last January 2012 and to my surprise the country is actually a four season country. I have mistakenly believe that Pakistan weather is like my own country weather .. hot and humid Malaysia. For your information, Malaysia is on the equator and we have a lot of sun and rain.

Above : Look at the trees ... beautiful. Temperature around 14 degrees C.

Above : At Hotel Serena lawn ...beautiful hotel with very tight security. If i remember correctly, you have to pass two checkpoint complete with very fierce looking guards with riffle and bomb detector before you can reach the hotel entrance. Once you reach the hotel, you have to get pass through security check similar to the one you encounter at the airport - the luggage scan and body scan .. and I also have Pakistani special branch officer sleeping outside my room ... whoa .. i never felt this safe in my entire life ...except when doing my tawaf in Makkah of course.

Above : Mr. Babu Ji at Serena Hotel, Islamabad

Above : In Rawalpindi to do some shopping. Rawalpindi is cheaper compared to Islamabad. The water quality here is pretty bad and seems like there is no proper garbage disposal method. However, there is a public transportation .. lorry in myriad of colours .. quite cute actually. So dissapointed i did not manage to take picture with the lorry.

Above : outside the shops (something like a market) selling yards and yards of clothes. Btw .. i am informed that Pakistan produce the finest cotton in the world.

Above : picture taken from inside a car in Islamabad. Btw ..i do not think i can drive here, everyone just drive and honk every few minutes. Hardly anybody use the car signal. I wonder if there is any traffic rules applied here.

Above : I could resist putting up this picture. I think its a very nice picture..location : Islamabad.

In conclusion : Pakistan is a very beautiful country and i am very glad that Allah s.w.t. give me the opportunity to travel to Pakistan ..

Wassallam .. Kopi O Kaw Satu ... :)