Thursday, 14 January 2010

Super -Ego

Assallamualaikum w.r.t. dan salam sejahtera kengkawan ..

This is a special blog .. written on special occassion to share with you dear .. to be appreciated and enjoy ..

This evening during a long-long meeting chaired by one of my bosses .. somebody call my boss tanya pasal keselamatan letrik di sekolah.

So my boss cakap2 with him and then he said I pass you to my electrical engineer. So i answer the call and this guy ask funny-funny question such as what is the SOP untuk cikgu-cikgu adhere to bagi menjaga keselamatan di sekolah and berapa bilangan litar pintas berlaku di sekolah. I am so.. konfius with what this guy nak .. and then he also want me to give him the name of related akta yang berkenaan keselamatan pemasangan elektrik. I told him i don't quite remeber the exact name of the akta .. i believe it is Akta Bekalan Elektrik 1990 & Peraturan Bekalan Elektrik 1994 or something.I informed the guy that i will double check the name and ask him to e-mel me his questions and i will reply with the correct information. Mind you .. all this time he is speaking loudly to me with nada marah-marah. And then he said garangly .. How old are you ? .. this is too much. I also answered him garangly ..38 tahun. Btw .. bulum lg bha umur sia 38 thn. masih 37 lg ..hi3x. when i told my husband ..he said why don't you tell him you are 50 ..ha..ha..ha.. very-very senior aaa...

Anyway .. what i am trying to say is.. this guy ego is soo big, he is a Super-Ego. He want to ask for informations from me (he needs a favour right!) .. and he scolded me as if i am his dominion ..hah ..padahal dia yang mo minta tulun, butul2 tiada guna punya orang.Kurang asam betul lah ..Tak kiralah kalau dia boss pun .. he is not my boss what .. durjana.

Anyway .. moral of the story .. do not be like him.

Friday, 8 January 2010

Chairing A Meeting - Petua

Assallamualaikum w.r.t dan Salam Sejahtera to all my friends ..

I just like to share with you a petua when you are asked to chair a meeting. At least it works for me ..

Recently i was promoted with a small increment of RM250.00 (But of course i am thankfull - because Allah say we must ..he..he..he..) with increasing job responsibility.In this new job, i have to chair a meeting from time to time.

Before this, i did not realize chairing a meeting can be quite exhausting, you have to focus and think. Not like before, where my role is just to attend and eat and drink a cup of tea .. sometime 2 cups and contribute one or two comments..he3x. The first time i chair a meeting, i did not even eat or drink.

However, i think i chair the meeting quite well .. and the reason is because .... Here come the petua ..

Before the meeting start ..while seating in the chairman seat ..i recite this doa quietly in my heart... while watching everybody take their seat.

'Rabbis rah li shadri wa yas sirli amri, wah lul ngukhdatan min lisani yaf kahu kauli '


'Ya Allah, bukakanlah dadaku, mudahkanlah urusanku dan hilangkanlah kekakuan pada lidahku agar mereka faham akan perkataanku'.

This doa is recited by Prophet Musa A.S. when he went to preach to Firaun.

Of course .. you have to be prepared as well .. have your agenda ready etc.FYI, this petua i got from a friend .. and now i am passing it to you.

BTw .. i am not saying the member of the meeting is the Pharaoh ya ...