Saturday, 24 March 2012

Tanbihul Ghafilin (reminder for the forgetful)

Assallamualaikum w.r.t. and Greetings

Today is Saturday 24.03.2012 at 22:32 Hr.

My latest observation to date :

1. Everything that happened in our live is not a coincidence.
2. Everything that happened in our live is from Allah s.w.t. (God) and it is a test. We may or may not realize it.

My point is when other people do something unjust/unfair/cruel/etceteras to us .. it is actually a test from Allah s.w.t. (God) to us ..wallahu aklam

Hopefully by knowing that, we know how to handle anything and everything that happened in our live ..

And many times we also become the test for another person(s ). We may or may not realize it ..heehee

NOTE : please note that this article is based on my personal observation and conclusion. I have not checked with the quran or hadith.

Monday, 5 March 2012

The Power Of Thinking

Salam w.r.t. and Greetings.
Just to share a few funny incidents which happened to me which is closely related to the power of thinking... May be ..
5.3.2012 (Monday)
8.30 am was intructed to attend site meeting which i have no idea of (since i am not involved in the project). so i am just replacing my boss who is not available. mood :(
8.45 am - on the way to my car come across a few people and one person make remark that increase my tension from merely tolerable to dizzying full blown tension. The guy said something like "this is bla..bla ..bla .. bosses sending junior officers to attend meeting with top bosses ..bla..bla..bla..".I retorted back that junior officers must be more aggravated being sent to such meeting.
9.00 am - in very dark mood. decide to use a new route to the site. Made a mistake straight into an express bus depot and all the way to the end of the bus lane. Got stuck in the bus lane since there is an express bus at the end of the lane waiting for passengers to fill up the bus. Now have to reverse driving to exit from the bus lane and eventually the bus depot ...argh.
9.10 am - my new stress (having entered the express bus lane by mistake) made me forget my old stress (having to attend the site meeting which i do not want to and being critised by another person for attending such meeting i.e. being not the right person to attend bla..bla..bla)
9.20am -decide to laugh about my stress and as my mood reverse, everything become better for me. The meeting was fun and i decide to check the project site .. :)
3.00pm - my new tenant called to ask for EOT to pay the deposit and rent .. mmm ..ok laa.
3.30pm - my Hrmis went wrong .. mmm
I am still in good mood.
I just need Coffee or Caffeine ..